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Twin Flames & Soul Mates

There is a difference between twin flames and soul mates.

Twin flames are two parts of one soul incarnated in two bodies of the opposite sex, embodying the feminine aspect and the masculine aspect. They can't be together until they both heal themselves. They stimulate and push each other for self-healing. As they unite, they serve as powerful healers, reinforcing each other. And they radiate divine love, called agape.

Soul mates are just correlated souls. They can be karmic partners, friends, family members, etc. They can feel like they know each other the first time they meet. It can be a sign that they have already had a mutual past-life experience. It doesn't mean that they are meant for each other for life, though. They are just learning some lessons together.

Twin flames instantly fall for each other without any reason the first second they see each other. They are deeply connected, and their connection is eternal and extraterrestrial. They can communicate telepathically; they feel each other.

Soul mates meet each other for different purposes. One person can have multiple soul mates. It is also a connection on a soul level, but it is not about two halves of one.

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